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Who am I (personal description) - light hazel brown eyes, light brown skin complexion (typical Asian ;), weight - 65 - 70KG. shiny black hair, (I use oil) :p body type ectomorph. aaaannnddd that's about it :D

Music - I hear to many instrumentals, rock, trance, techno ...

Books - To do with English poetry, educational books, language books.

Movies - I dont have much to say, rarely watch movies, if something catches my eye, then i watch it, otherwise NO.

Television - I only watch sports, i have my PC to do everything else,,,

Games - Action/RPG/Hack&Slash/Fighting/Strategy


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  • How to hit a Tennis Forehand

    How to hit a Tennis Forehand

    2 years ago

    A basic plough through and ground level understanding of how a tennis forehand should be hit. I will gave an explanation of it with many other references to match opinions.