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What can I say about myself? I'm mental. :)

Maybe I should say that I think alot. You might want to know what I think alot about. Well every day is different. Some days I create fantasy worlds where I have all sorts of amazing powers. Other days I put myself into a favorite book and see what kind of life I could have as part of the story.

Sometimes I think about real life stuff like ghosts, the paranormal, ESP, various occult practices, alternative medicine, Aliens, animals, fish, arachnids and insects, plants and flowers of all sorts, paper mache`, crafts of all kinds, the effects of pollution on all living things, nature spirits, and a lot of other things as well.

Sometimes I come out of my head and do. I draw, paint, write, do crafts, work in the garden, play with my bird and my dog, help my mother out, do some reading, or something else entirely.While I am out of my head I want to say........

Thank you for reading this and thank you for reading my Hubs.

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