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As a believer in kinesthetic journalism, I delight in blending my passion for writing with my clinical experience as a registered veterinary technician. Beyond the desk you may find me adventuring in the great outdoors.

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  • Amensia of the Future

    Amensia of the Future

    2 months ago

    A woman unwinds her mind to forget a lost love, a man lost at sea. Amnesia of the Future is a visit to some of Thich Nhat Hanh's writing as well as New-Age Medicine and witchery.

  • A Pilot's Halo

    A Pilot's Halo

    6 months ago

    This story is a tribute to my dad, who passed away from cancer. He will always be my teacher. This story is a blending of my waking life, the dreams I've had of him, and grand escapes from reality.

  • How Crystal Therapy Helped Me Heal

    How Crystal Therapy Helped Me Heal

    3 weeks ago

    Trauma affects us on many levels. When you explore the depths of yourself in a time of crisis, you open the door to healing. Crystal therapy became my tool for transformation.