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TetonRose profile image


Joined 10 years ago from Utah




I was raised by my grandparents on a cattle ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Granddad had homesteaded there with his older brother in 1905. Grandma and her cousin had come to the valley as single "schoolmarms," fully determined to prove the local saying wrong. The saying? "No single woman comes to Jackson Hole and leaves single and alive." Well...Grandma's cousin died there and Grandma married a member of the schoolboard -- two more women bit the dust!

I mostly attended one-room country schools until I graduated from the eighth grade, then attended the local high school. Science and music were my favorite activities at that time and I couldn't get enough of either.

From there I went on to college and university life with a few breaks in between. I eventually returned to Utah State University and finished some graduate work about ten years ago. My last areas of interest were Instructional Technology and American Studies with an emphasis in Public Sector Folklore.

After receiving my BS degree with a major in Psychology and a Teaching Minor in History, I taught school for a was 10 years in the public schools of Utah and Idaho. (Years later I also taught Community Education classes in Idaho and then selected university classes at USU in Utah.)

I lived in Idaho for about 12 years and got married there. After that I came to Utah and have finally semi settled down with a job, as well as helping my single-parent daughter with her three little girls. Grandchildren are the greatest!

I love to work and play with the children, work on Family History, read, cook, etc. There are never enough hours in the day for me!

My interests also include alternative medicine, mind-body interactions, and related topics. Indian lore and ancient civilizations are also pursued when time permits. :-)

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    How to Start Your Own Family Tree

    10 years ago

    The best place to begin your family tree (family history or genealogy) is with yourself. You will need to write down your birth date and place, marriage date and place (if married), and proceed from there. It is always a good idea to make note of...