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People keep asking me who this great American Tex Shelters is. What are his dreams? What are his plans? Why does he exist? So I wrote this to you, my fans.

Tex Shelters, a Bio

Tex Shelters is the name of a great American. Dec. 7, 1941 was not only a day of infamy because of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, but it is the day that is announced as the birthday of Tex Shelters. What a nobel day to be born on.

Tex Shelters is what I call an über patriot, like Ronald Reagan, George Wallace and Ann Coulter. He is what is best in this nation. His unyielding defense of his principles in the face of evidence is what all Americans should aspire to.

Like great Americans such as Mitt Romney and George W. Bush, Tex earned his money by being born into a wealthy family. The son of a wealthy Texas oil man involved in off shore oil, Mr. Shelters took that off shore oil wealth and parlayed it into a fortune in in-prison labor. His company is not only involved in making liscences but his highly trained staff of prisoners also sells insurance and assembles barbie dolls from parts molded in the far east and assembles other great American products. Mr. Shelters continues in the tradition of his grandfather Vern Shelters by being self reliant as he runs his grandfather’s company as Vern Shelters would have.

Now living in Mesa, Arizona, Mr. Shelters is involved in the conservative politics of this great state in the desert. As a contributor to Republican causes like SB 1070, he does whatever he can to bring more people under the rule of law. He is currently helping fund Joe Arpaio’s defense against the cruel and unusual prosecution by President Obama’s justice department.

Tex Shelters has been writing for the cause since the 2004 campaign of George W. Bush. As a proud Billionaire for Bush, Tex stood out from the crowd to promote wealth care, not health care, small government and big wars. Since then, Tex has written a primer on patriotism called A Patriot’s Guide to Right-Wing Thinking and hundreds of patriotic article telling everyone that the U.S. is the best and that liberals should shut up and stop whining.

Tex invites you to join the right cause.

Tex Shelters

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