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I have always loved writing, starting novels, never finishing them. I have even started a political novel as a blog. I have also written a few childrens stories. Nothing published yet. Someday I hope to have a novel and more writings published. In the meantime, I am like most Americans, working hard to keep my head above water. I have been told I am a failure by employers and am still waiting to find where I belong. Many of my blogs will work to help both the reader and me discover what it is we were meant to be. I hope you enjoy the hubs. I am enjoying writing them. You will find my writing will be in themes. If you like one, then there may be others along the same theme offering more information to help us all grow. thanks for checking my hubs. Feel free to write me if you have an idea for me to expand on. I want this to be useful and if I am off target, let me know that too

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