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I am an adventurer, explorer, and lover of life and nature. I got a dog (zoe) and adventure companion a year ago to keep me company on my hiking and camping adventures since my wife isn't always as adventurous as me. I just started a job as a dog walker/jogger/rollerblader ;). I live in a two bedroom apartment with my lovely wife, and my malamute Zoe. My hubs are written half as a journal of those adventures and half as an informal sharing of information and experience to help others who find themselves in similar situations and needing some advice or encouragement. It can be hard to sort through what to do with so much information on the internet. Sometimes it really helps to have someone say I tried this, this worked, that didn't work, here is why. I hope as you embark on your own epic journey my experiences will help guide you and lead you to your own great adventures!

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