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Says TheGlassSpider:

“I'm watching you with my many eyes, ready to grab you with my many legs. Welcome to the Web, where the spiders rule. If things are too sticky for you, you're probably lunch.”

Spider, as her friends affectionately call her, is working hard to make ends meet; she’s earning her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, working as a freelance writer/editor for clients all over the world, and learning how the world of SEO works. She also cares for seven cats and a fairly large garden (at least when it’s not winter).

As one might expect from someone with a name like Spider, her web is far-reaching and she has a wide range of interests including spiders and insects, video games, books, animals, mental health, and—perhaps ironically—needlework. If you have a question or would like an article written about any of these subjects (or anything else) Spider would love to hear from you; feel free to write her an email or leave a comment on one of her hubs.

Spider has lots of great friends here on HubPages who have given her hope, inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and lots of laughs; she highly recommends that if you’ve got anything to say, you share it here—whether you’re a professional at SEO, a spinner of yarns, a reporter of news, or a newbie looking for your voice there’s no better community of writers to challenge you, support you, and push you further than HubPages.

“You can go anywhere from MY web.”

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