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When my friends and I first came up with the idea it was told as somewhat of a punch line to an ongoing, inside joke. It first came to life during a discussion about how irritating some people we knew in common seemed to be, and how exhausting it was when you happened to be stuck listening to their braggy, self-centered, egotisms. After another encounter that had left me nearly at wits end, I flooded a friend of mine with all of my bottled up frustrations. I grasped for the words that could accurately portray how deserted and isolated I felt in their presence; parched and hollow and dried out......and simply exhausted. Then, in contrast, to depict the abundance of relief and tranquility that rippled through my soul when I found myself back in the inner circle of my close friends.

And that was it. That was the thought the helped me to create it---no, rather to discover it. Because in reality it had already existed for years, but I just hadn't learned how to define it yet. It was a feeling, but more than that. It was also a place, but with no definable borders. It's like a man who has wandered all day through a parched, waterless desert, dried out and exhausted, and suddenly stumbles across an oasis. There he finds shade from the burning heat and drinks in the cool refreshment of the waters. Slowly, he begins to feel human again.

This is our oasis. This comfortable, cozy, inner sanctum of friends. A chance to rehydrate ourselves with the refreshing expressions and thoughts of our close companions. It is an Oasis of Awesome in a desert of irritation. We call it: The Hayven.

Welcome to all who have been searching for sanctuary from the "Brosif!"s and "LOL!"s and "OMG!"s that have ravaged our sanity from day's start till end. Here you will find freedom from the bone-headed ramblings of jocks and jokers. Anything can be discussed, even rationally argued, whether it's sports, the arts, or simply the events of the day. Your opinion has free reign here when coupled with respectable speech. So please, share your thoughts and expressions as you expore, lounge in, or even help to define the ever expanding regions of: The Hayven.

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