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I have recently finished my first manuscript and I am taking steps to get it published. Follow my trials, tribulations and (hopefully) triumphs on http://keripeardon.wordpress.com/.

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  • Feudalism Explained

    Feudalism Explained

    6 years ago

    Feudalism is a system of government in which land is granted in return for service. It can also be thought of as a political and social pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is a king or chieftain. Next below him are...

  • All Things Gruesome: Torture

    All Things Gruesome: Torture

    6 years ago

    This is part of a series of articles I published for the newsletter of my medieval re-enactment group. As the title implies, the content is gruesome to modern readers, so be forewarned. Torture in the middle ages had...

  • Vampires - An Urban Legend of the Middle Ages?

    Vampires - An Urban Legend of the Middle Ages?

    6 years ago

    When I was writing my senior history thesis, my advisor asked me how widespread the belief in vampires was. Who all believed in it? Did they actually believe in vampires? I couldn't give him an answer because no one, it...

  • Medieval Children

    Medieval Children

    6 years ago

    There is a lot of misinformation about children in the middle ages, some of which is bandied about by seemingly-reputable books, which should know better. This paper exposes some of the more common statements made about...

  • Old-Fashioned Baby Names

    Old-Fashioned Baby Names

    6 years ago

    Are you looking for an unusual name for a baby, but don't want to follow the current trends? Why not look to the past for names? Some of the names listed below are classic names, commonly used once upon a time, but...

  • 10 Tips to Look More Medieval

    10 Tips to Look More Medieval

    6 years ago

    Are you a medieval re-enactor who wants to get beyond basics? Are you ready to test your sewing skills? Are you ready to spend a little cash? Do you want to look like this professional re-enactor at the Tower of London?...

  • The Story of Griselda

    The Story of Griselda

    6 years ago

    The Story of Griselda was extremely popular in the middle ages. Everyone knew it, just as modern people know the story of Cinderella or Snow White. I include it here because it not only illustrates the virtues that were...

  • Medieval Dress for the Casual Re-Enactor

    Medieval Dress for the Casual Re-Enactor

    6 years ago

    I am a medieval re-enactor. This page contains information on making a reasonable attempt at medieval clothing. I originally used some of this information to help my family dress for my medeival wedding, but this...