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Joined 2 years ago from Whereever I hang my hat is my hone. Currently in Ibarra, Ecuador




Libertarian - you don't step on me, I don't step on you.

It does not take a lot to make money.

Go by the 80% rule - live on 80% of your income, invest 10% of your income, and give away 10% of your income. Life will be good!!

Take responsibility for your actions and choices in life.

Do something that gets you out fo your "comfort" zone.

Don't be bothered by hurt feelings, they'll pass, it will be alright!

Let those who think differently than you have their say - and then you voice your opinions.

Not everyone thinks the same as you. Nor will everyone ever think just like you.

Don't become part of the thought police!

I'm going to run one of my portfolios on Hubpages. Let's see if my system of picking stocks works weel. If it does, then you and I will both benefit!

To good discussions!


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