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Contact me. I can help you build a strong, positive, productive team. For more about me, read on.

I was born into a family business, owned my first business at age 21, have worked and managed in the private sector, social services, and non profit sector. I have twenty five years of experience forming and leading teams, and twenty years of consulting with and coaching employees, supervisors, managers, and executives on every personal and work situation imaginable. I'm a former Ontario Graduate Scholar and a recipient of a Harshman Foundation Award for leadership potential. My coaching style is based on extensive clinical training in Solution Oriented, Constructivist, and Narrative theory.

I offer personal consulting and coaching, as well as organizational development and great team building activities and workshops, so if you're a leader, manager, or supervisor (or all three) and you're interested in fulfilling your own potential and getting the best you can from your people, contact me to benefit from my years of leadership and management consulting/coaching experience. I'm available in-person, as well as via telephone and "e-learning".

I'm on a mission to bring integrity to organizations-especially the workplace. I want to bring joy and meaning into work and fight and prevent toxic workplaces. I do this by working with organizations to help them live the values that they advertise on their websites. I have designed an assessment tool, The Integrity Check, that measures whether organizations are living their values ("walking the talk") and how well different departments are supporting each other in accomplishing a common mission. I can then intervene, rallying everyone around these values and establish security, stability, trust, dedication, and team work while getting rid of bullying, harassment, gossiping, and conflict. I'd like to invite you to join me in this cause. Contact me and I'll help you transform your organization into a team.



647-686-0116 www.integritywks.ca

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