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After 38 years of marriage, raising three children, and retiring as a public school administrator, I accomplished my dream of becoming a published author. I have published one non-fiction books for adults, two novels for adults, one short story for children, a collection of 19 short stories for children, and one curriculum guide to accompany a novel written by a friend. I am now writing from home and teaching English online. My three favorite things to do would be stay home, teach, and write. Now I get to do all three.

My husband says I'm a gourmet chef, however I'm not sure I measure up the true definition of the term. I do love to create new dishes using only what's in my pantry. No recipe and no special ingredients.

I adore decorating cakes, although I don't do it as often as I used to.

I am a behavior specialist and write extensively on behavioral issues. Before becoming Director of Special Education, I was the behavior management teacher. I have a lot of experiences to share.

I hope you'll stop by often to see what I've written. After all, one never knows what's on my mind.

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  • Armchair Autism Diagnosis

    Armchair Autism Diagnosis

    15 months ago

    Autism is a complicated medical condition that requires specially trained professionals for an accurate diagnosis. Untrained individuals cannot and should not label a child as autistic.

  • Literature in High School

    Literature in High School

    21 months ago

    Does literature studied in high schools today, reflect the values we want our teens to adopt? Who determines the criteria for the book? What are we really teaching them with 'great literature?'

  • Entertaining Active Kids During the Summer

    Entertaining Active Kids During the Summer

    22 months ago

    The kids are out of school and will entertain themselves--for about a week. Then parents begin to hear "I'm bore." Using these activities may help parents survive the summer.

  • Teen Mom + No Diploma =Minimum Wage

    Teen Mom + No Diploma =Minimum Wage

    22 months ago

    Teen mothers often quit school to care for the baby. Everyone needs a diploma, but especially a single mom. She will be the basic bread winner and face unexpected financial hurdles alone.

  • Knowledge is Never Wasted

    Knowledge is Never Wasted

    22 months ago

    We all learned things in school that we think we will never use. However, is it possible that just the act of learning enhanced our lives? Aren't problem solving skills necessary for life.