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A little about my story here. My name is Daniel and I live in Orlando, Florida. I am currently a student in my senior year at the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a major in Computer Sceience and a proposed minor in Italian language.

I am a relatively active person who enjoys playing a variety of sports and, of course, video games.

One of the main reasons for starting my blog was to showcase my programming abilities for my portfolio, and also prove to myself and the world that I am capable of actually finishing a project I've started.

My main reason for coming to Hubpages was to help get my name out there as I have found a new enjoyment of writing helpful articles. Who would have thought? The chance at revenue and getting people to come visit my personal site is just an added bonus, albeit a great bonus!

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  • Regex for BBCode in PHP

    Regex for BBCode in PHP

    7 years ago

     Regular Expressions (Regex) are a way to parse information and match it with a larger string. For example, If you wanted to validate an email address, you could write a regular expression that would try and match the...