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I'm always thinking about this n' that. And, when I'm not, I'm writing stories and poems, doing some PHP or just cooking the day away. Ok... I confess. I'm not always thinking 'bout this n' that. As a mother of three, (hey, I'm not that old!), I can honestly say that I am now "all growed up". Seriously, though, my main loves are cooking, writing and, of course, PHP. Some of my recipes are traditional recipes from my hometown in Mexico, and some of my recipes are, after many trials and tribulations, my own creations. My stories and poems are usually wrapped around my children and my life, although some are just, plain old, made up about anything. If you enjoy writing or want to share what you know, what you've read, your opinions, then why not Join Squidoo!

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  • Just 2 Little Words

    Just 2 Little Words

    8 years ago

    Have you ever thought about just two little words and what they mean, could mean, might mean? How often do you say just 2 little words? That often, huh? No, no, I'm not talking about the four-letter words. I'm talking...