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I am single dad to two wonderful boys. Life has been tough these last couple of years in this down economy and once again I find myself out of work. Being out of work gives me some time to reflect on things. Considering my boys are healthy and for the most part happy I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people on the planet.

I am hoping to add many Hubs as time goes by. My goal in life is simple. Make my boys happy and do the best I can for them. The best doesn't mean buying them Nike sneakers and $100 jeans. The best to me is making sure that as they get older they are prepared to meet the haymakers that life can deal. When I was younger I thought that life would get easier as I got older. That is so far from the truth. My boys are smart and funny and talented. I dread however when they also have licenses to drive and start enjoying their journey through life when I cannot be there to help them make the best decisions.

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