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Hi Everyone:

I am an open-minded, care-free, optimistic, fun, and loving individual. I am unique and mysterious. I am 50% extrovert and 50% introvert. I'm a thinker and a feeler. I love animals, and I love to travel. I am extremely interested in philosophy, spirituality, and the paranormal. I love things that make me think.

I graduated with a Masters in Counseling & Psychological Services. My "day job" consists of providing individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. I work with a variety of mental health diagnoses.

Besides providing therapy, my other love and passion is music. My instrument is my voice.

My "night and weekend job" involves writing here on HubPages.....though i'll admit, I don't write enough. But I love to write, so this is something that I'm working on. Topics that I enjoy writing about are: travel, relationships, business, employment, making money ideas, entertainment, philosophy, spirituality/religion, and psychology/mental health issues.

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