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She is just a girl who is socially awkward. Can't take calls because she doesn't know how to keep the conversation going. But she writes and she loves to write — be it poetry or prose. :)

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  • Scribbled Memoir

    Scribbled Memoir

    2 weeks ago

    One night, I found myself drowning in tears. I just realized I haven't done anything for my mom. And so this is it! Another poetry book dedicated for my mom and for all the mothers out there.

  • The Colors She Will Never See

    The Colors She Will Never See

    2 weeks ago

    Everyone can see colors - even color blinds can see colors. But there is this girl who chose not to see and mind the colors of the world and the shades of life.

  • Bleeding Poetry

    Bleeding Poetry

    2 weeks ago

    Letters that bleed rhymes. Words that bleed meaning. Lines that bleed emotions. Prose and poetry that bleed life.