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For me, writing is a pleasure. The content of my writing varies as much as the genre. I am as comfortable writing a commentary making a point with comical cynicism as I am writing chilling stories. The reader of my work should be entertained in some way.

UPDATE (Oct 2013): I have just received my first contract from a magazine for the publication of one of my short stories. I will update again when I get the exact issue that the story will be published in.

Having self-published my first book “Legion of Halphas” under a pseudonym, Aric Messor, and starting my second, I have taken a break from that to focus more on my short stories of dark fiction. The short stories are in the “Horror” genre, but contain few gory elements, as I do not find them necessary in order to convey the stories.

I do appreciate comments on my writing if the comments are constructive and can help me to become a better writer. Of course, comments to boost my ego are always appreciated as well. After all, I am a guy.

In my writing on HubPages, I will likely keep it clean and will not intentionally offend anyone. However, if I do, please accept my most humble of apologies. In real life, if there is such a thing, I can discuss most topics and will make light of most of them without regard to what people might think of it. In short, nothing is sacred. Humor can be found in almost any situation. That is what I do.

Some of my writing may be rather serious and heartfelt. An article in the works and to be complete soon will indicate that I can also be very serious, sensitive, and most of all, real.

To anyone brave enough to read my work, thank you, and I do hope you enjoy it.

Most sincerely,


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