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father and husband.Prophet of God called to an endtime ministery.emphasis on preparing Gods people for the second coming of Christ.I do not expect my hubs to receive praises from men . True prophets of God have always spoken a word of correction in a time of apostasy.Speaking the true heart of God will always address the moral and spiritual condition of his people.However if heeded it will bring his people into new realms of God than the world has ever known. There is much darkness upon the earth today and apostasy in the church.but evening and morning and a new day.God wants to bring his people into a new day.but first we must buy of him pure gold tried in the fire. and the day will come when he will give us this gold without cost.

Though I aknowledge that I am human and capable of error, I vow to my readers that I am very careful not to give you my own interpretation of the scriptures, but only what God has revealed to me by his spirit. I fear God and tremble at his word and God fobid I should cause anyone to stumble for the purpose of my own gain. I am not on Hubpages for any other reason than to be the mouth of God. I have heavenly rewards that are far above any worldly gain. I do not think myself above anyone else I remain open and teachable iron sharpens iron. We need each other lets grow together into that spotless bride our lord is coming back for.

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