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i am a beginning writer. my interests are the human mind and human behavior. criminal profiling. ptsd. human interaction.and the interaction between human and animals, the kind that can't always be explained.

i would encourage readers to leave comments. let me know if you like the story you read, or how i can improve my writing. all constructive criticism is appreciacted and welcome. thank you.

btw...it is T.L.McGaa=tlmcgaa...just fyi for those who mistake the l for an i...ty.

Larely I find myself in the religious forums, taking part in discussions i shouldnt be. you see, i believe everyone has a right to choose to accept or reject GOD, as they wish. GOD gave all man that right. sometimes, though, the line blurs between taking part in a discussion and forcing my beliefs on others. when i join a discussion, i only mean to share my views, just like everyone else is doing. but sometimes, especially if i dont understand those whose views differ from my own, or those whose views are supposed to be the same yet their words show they obviously arent, i get caught up in debating. i greatly dislike debates, which to me is just a fancy word for arguing. i very much enjoy discussing my GOD...not arguing over HIM. i also find that explaining my beliefs to those who question it somehow leads to me seeming to force my beliefs on others. if someone asks me a question, and they sincerely want to know, i am most happy to share. but sometimes i am caught up in insincere people questioning my beliefs. as soon as i realize they really only want to mock, or argue, i will quit participating in a discussion with them. i could care less if it makes me look stupid to the world or afraid i cant defend my beliefs. i dont have to answer to anyone. anyone but GOD, who says do not strive over words. so if you find yourself in a discussion with me concerning gOD and you are not sincere about it, dont be surprised if i quit the discussion.

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