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A husband and proud father of 1 girl and 3 boys. From Ireland but living and working in the middle east. A quantity Surveyor by trade.

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  • A Note on Personal Finance

    A Note on Personal Finance

    11 months ago

    Is there an Art or a Science to the Accumulation of Money and Wealth. The first step is to understand the massive difference between "Accumulate" and "Earn".

  • The real Napoleon Hill

    The real Napoleon Hill

    11 months ago

    Most well known as the author of the greatest book ever written on the subject of personal wealth, Napoleon Hill was indeed a legend and ahead of his time. But what about the Man........

  • Construction Migration

    Construction Migration

    10 months ago

    The construction has always been volatile. Generally though, it’s volatile in one part of the world and not in another, at a specific time. When things were really good in the UK and Ireland things were not so good in...

  • Onwards and Upwards

    Onwards and Upwards

    10 months ago

    If you have read any of my recent additions to hubpages you will probably be aware that I am absolutely full of opinions, and my opinions are the basis of what I write about. I have written about Relision, sport,...

  • End to End, Life....

    End to End, Life....

    10 months ago

    I wrote a hub called the Next Life which has led me to writing this. That hub was made up of my opinions, as is this one. In fact opinions, differences, disputes are all part of life. Also, without opinions we...

  • The Next World

    The Next World

    10 months ago

    Religion is a funny business with each and every religion having their own cultures and beliefs. I have been lucky enough to have travelled throughout parts of Europe and the Middle east and have learned from the people...

  • How long does it take - online income

    How long does it take - online income

    10 months ago

    Talking about making money onlne their are many so called get rich quick schemes. These in fact are generally scams. Money can be made online but slow and steady wins the race

  • How to write a good CV - My experience

    How to write a good CV - My experience

    10 months ago

    A good CV is crucial as it is the first link between you and your potential new employer.

  • Visit Ireland

    Visit Ireland

    10 months ago

    its nice, and i enjoy, being able to write a little about Ireland. I have decided to write this hub to give people an idea of different events happening across Ireland in the next few months. Some of you may be...

  • If only i could win the Lotto

    If only i could win the Lotto

    10 months ago

    What would you do with the money???

  • Leaving your family for work.

    Leaving your family for work.

    4 years ago

    How can it be normal for a family to be separated for long periods of time. To be honest its not and it puts a lot of pressure on everyone.