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Tom Cornett

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    The Dead Queen

    3 years ago

    I've always thought that human nature is the most humorous thing on Earth. It is as natural for us to complain as it is to mourn. Sometimes in the can be funny.

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    An Old Dream of an Old Song

    3 years ago

    Sometimes a dream seems so real, even a dream taking place in a time long before you were born. I believe a dream could be a message from a loved one passed on or maybe our own spirit tryin to guide us in life. I could also be a caring kindred spirit doing the works of the heavens.

  • 9

    A Walk to Heaven

    3 years ago

    I once heard that, "Heaven is a state of mind, not a place." I believe it can be both. Jake Alvens would experience such a phenomenon by simply doing his job. If you love fantasies of love.....continue reading.

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    Wedding Dress for Sale

    3 years ago

    Frances had put an advertisement in the local paper, "For sale, wedding dress, never used." She was looking at her Ad that morning, sipping her coffee while twirling her reddish brown hair around her fingers. She thought to herself, "Eight hundred dollars would be so nice to get out of that dress.

  • 55

    Cougar Women

    2 years ago

    As I remember...from a boy's point of view....older women were more a part of young fantasies than girls. While the girls rolled their eyes at his older womanwould smile. She was smiling...not to embarrass him...she wasn't really...

  • Auricon Cameras, One of Our Best Sales on Ebay

    Auricon Cameras, One of Our Best Sales on Ebay

    3 years ago

    My wife, Tammy and I had been checking out auctions all day long. We decided to go to an auction house that we had been at a few times before. as soon as we walked in the door, I saw them....a table full of Auricon cameras and sound equipment. We...

  • John Dillinger Killed?  Could it Have Been Mistaken Identity?

    John Dillinger Killed? Could it Have Been Mistaken Identity?

    13 months ago

    Back in the 1960s, we had a neighbor, Mrs. Osborne. My dad would do small errands for her because she couldn't get around well. She was an elderly woman who lived alone. She asked dad one time to take a look at some old pictures she had. Dad...

  • Under One Tree

    Under One Tree

    2 years ago

    One early summer of my life, changed my life. I was there at the campus, waiting on my new girlfriend. I sat beneath an old oak tree, leaned against the trunk and just watched people. I was a bit early. I really didn't want to be late and...

  • A Million Lights, A Christmas Story

    A Million Lights, A Christmas Story

    2 years ago

    The man I use to work for, loved to decorate on Christmas. He wasn't a religious man, so to speak but he was a fair man when it came to treating his employees right. I never heard him curse once in the eight years I worked for him. His name was Jim...


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