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39 yet also 4 yrs old, conservative republican, husband, father of 3 and cat owner. i have seen ghosts, dead people , a couple UFOs and alot of idiots. I was part of the 2008 WNY Street Hockey Thursday night Champions the Spiders. Then the next day... I died... or was clinically dead for a few 4-6 minutes from an aortic anueyrism - john Ritter Lucille Ball, and King George II all died from one.. thanks again to Michael E. DeBa,key the guy who created the procedure that saved my life and thanks to Dr Generio Aldrich who performed the 18 hours of operations. Unfortunately the aorta shot pieces into all my organs when it popped and- i lost sight in an eye for good and kidney function for a while and had 3 strokes. Well enough of that fun stuff I am also an Environmental Geologist / CHMM. I just want to clarify something - I have allot of hubs but each hub takes me a whole day and sometimes 3 days to complete especially the long ones-I will save the hub and sometimes rest in between writing due to EYE STRAIN.i HAVE MULTIPLE HUBS WRITING AT ONCE BECAUSE- i START THEM SAVEM AND FORGET I STARTED THEM- ONE HUB - i STARTED 3 TIMES AND HAD 3 WAYYYY DIFFERENT HUBS.

I have started hubs and forgot to save them shut the laptop and lost allot of infor mor than once-even though what I write changes-"I don't change my tune". I know what OI believe I just need topics to comment on and remember them- usually I send myself an ?email- 1/2 the time I dont even understand my own note to myself I have at least 10 emails with messages like OMA-comm yDimmed-brgrlch-What the hell do I mean- At least when I do write stuff now- I like to do it on word so I can spell check it.. Enjoy my stuff- GOP rules Dems drool.....

Tuna- hahahahahahashahahahaha- I am mental...

I finally joined Facebook-hello Tom welcome to 2007!!! guess what I am Tom Hellert there too!!!!

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