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  • Who Represents Me?

    Who Represents Me?

    16 months ago

    As a regular American who is moderate most areas, but either left or right on others, I find myself increasingly alienated from and disgusted with both parties. It’s amazing to see the childish behavior in Washington. Democrats, Republicans – get something done!

  • Crises at the Border

    Crises at the Border

    16 months ago

    Yes, we really do have two simultaneous crises occurring right now. One, of course, is the dysfunction of our immigration policies. The bigger crisis is that of leadership or lack thereof. Who will step up and guide us out of this human tragedy once and for all?

  • The Democrats Are Blowing It Already

    The Democrats Are Blowing It Already

    16 months ago

    Within days of regaining control of The House, the Democrats are already showing they are unprepared to govern. Opportunities for constructive change have already been lost. Here are just a few.

  • The Kavanaugh Fiasco

    The Kavanaugh Fiasco

    20 months ago

    Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation process to the Supreme Court puts a spotlight on the vindictiveness and incompetence of both political parties. This endless backbiting and political grandstanding continue to erode our confidence in the institutions our nation relies so heavily upon.

  • Elections Do Indeed Have Consequences

    Elections Do Indeed Have Consequences

    20 months ago

    To start off, America was faced with a choice of two terrible candidates in November 2016. The Democrats has already pre-determined that Hillary would be no matter their candidate what Bernie Sanders did.

  • What Not to Do in the Gun Debate

    What Not to Do in the Gun Debate

    22 months ago

  • Is Trump Good for America?

    Is Trump Good for America?

    22 months ago

    There are many questions and criticisms of President Trump's decisions and policies. We wonder what motivates him and how these policies will affect the nation in the near and distant future. Let's look at them one at a time.

  • Education - How Can We Fix It?

    Education - How Can We Fix It?

    22 months ago

    I’ve written a letter to the Albuquerque Journal, my local paper, in an attempt to bring to light some of the unmentioned problems facing our teachers all year every year. Bear in mind that this is only a partial list. Our state’s largest paper has a major tilt to the right politically

  • It's Time for a 3rd Political Party

    It's Time for a 3rd Political Party

    22 months ago

    The Republicans and Democrats are failing the nation. Perhaps now is the time for a 3rd Party to get their attention.

  • Where Are the Democrats?

    Where Are the Democrats?

    23 months ago

    As disheartening as it has been to watch the unfolding of the current immigration mess, it is equally shocking to observe the Democrats fumbling around to devise a response.

  • America Is Failing

    America Is Failing

    2 years ago

    With the ascent of Donald Trump to the highest office in the land our nation is now embroiled in a crisis not seen in many years.

  • The Supreme Court and Religious Freedom

    The Supreme Court and Religious Freedom

    2 years ago

    The implications of the pending Supreme Court case concerning the 1st Amendment and religious freedom of individuals needs to be carefully monitored.


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