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Hello all,

My name is Tom and I have had a very interesting life with many experiences. I will be sharing many of those experiences with my readers in the days to come. My passion is to work from my computer, whether it be writing or repairing computers. I have been working with computers since 1979 and have seen many changes over the years with computers.

I like many an writing for a passive income and hopefully to have it grow as I am not many years away from retirement and it would be great if writing on sites like SEEKYT will help to subsidize my income.

I have many interest and topics that I like to talk about and write about. The subjects range from travel, religion, food and recipes, computer repair, coffee, life in Florida, fishing and hunting and many more subjects.

I hope you enjoy my articles and I look forward to hear back from you in your comments.

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    Disney World Underground

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    What Are Mukluk Boots

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    The Advantages of Living In Florida

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    Living in Florida has a lot of advantages than living in most states. I have no regrets for moving back to Florida.