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Past 'Poet of the Year' on HubPages, novelist, writer of both fiction and non-fiction and philosopher, always searching out the truth.

I was born in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia in 1953. Coming from an artistic family background, I studied art, music and photography in my early years, and began a career in advertising in my early twenties.

In the years that followed, my experience and career broadened to include further disciplines such as business management, sales and marketing. I have been a musician and songwriter, as well as a graphic and fine artist, specialising in oils and oil pastels.

Throughout my career I have written commercially for corporate and small business, producing catalogues, magazine and tabloid advertising, as well as radio and television commercials- concepts, music and scripts.

Personally, I have experienced tragedy in my life, including the death of my first born child, losing both parents to cancer and surviving three marriages and the resulting divorces. My diverse life experience has given me a unique perception of life, I feel, and a deeper understanding of the human psyche, conditioning and motivations.

From early 1999 I took up writing full time and my completed works thus far include twenty one books- including fiction and non-fiction, plus innumerable short stories, poetry and plays. In a move to better understand the industry and having had a broad graphic design and production background, I set up ARD Press in 2000 to both publish and market my books as well as to assist aspiring writers to realise their dreams of being published and read. I have held workshops on different facets of writing and publishing for the ‘Writing Right’ group at the Adelaide Writing Centre and also assess manuscripts for up and coming writers.

All books are available on-line through Digital Print Australia/ Bookstore and Amazon.com. One special book, published in 2004, continually sells throughout Australia and has done since release. The book ‘The Other Side of the Looking Glass- Living with Depression’ has been widely acclaimed and sold through beyondblue and DepressionNet as well as the Digital Print Australia Bookstore web site. It was voted amongst the top five best mental health books of 2005 by Good Medicine Magazine.

I live with my youngest son in Campbelltown, SA and I am a grandfather of four from three elder children of a previous marriage; five children in all.

To view any of my books, go to-

http://www.thoughtsforabeautifulmind.weebly.com Search author's page, links to bookstores for every book.

Available on-line and sold world wide.

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