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There isn’t much to tell. I laugh, I cry… you want to know me but you never truly will. I don’t even know myself. I say I would do something and I don’t. I say I would not do something and then I do. I can not predict my future, I only know my past… but the past does not answer who I am only where I have been.

I have worn many hats in my past. Daughter, Mother, Student, Wife, Employee… I have lived as anyone has. I have seen the entirety of the United States from the rock hills of California to the sandy beaches of Florida. I have plans for the future to travel abroad, but for now, I am here.

My passion is writing, I love to learn what information is out there and put it into words for the world to see. I enjoy informing others of the things I find and helping other find that they are not alone. I love to create new worlds and interesting characters… taking people away from their own reality into a world where anything is possible. I love to express the thoughts and feelings of others into written words for everyone to enjoy. I have a great love for history, science, health… actually, I can’t think of any subjects I am not fond of.

I freelance on the side writing SEO content for websites and do a little micro-tasking on the side. That is how I pay the bills while I fulfill my passion for writing.

That is basically me. There is not much to tell.

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