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Patricia-Ann Morrison (totallyPATTI)

Joined 6 years ago from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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  • Frugal Project #2: Berry Nice!

    Frugal Project #2: Berry Nice!

    6 years ago

    Three cats. That's a lot of cat litter. The cardboard boxes (with handles) were easy to repurpose - they make terrific packing/storage boxes and fold down flat when not needed. What to do with these plastic cat litter containers. I just couldn't see...

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    "I'd Tip You But..."

    6 years ago

    I'd tip you but... ...I don't have any spare money these days - I just don't know where it goes! (As you steady the bags of booze and cartons of cigarettes at your feet.) ...You're a cabbie and you don't really deserve it - all cabbies are lazy...

  • Weight No Longer - Edibles

    Weight No Longer - Edibles

    6 years ago

    Several people have asked what I’m eating to have lost my first 50 of 150 lbs. This blog addresses my eating schedule, 99% of the foods I choose to eat and their calorie counts (thanks to and, and treat list....

  • Bread Bowls

    Bread Bowls

    6 years ago

    Ingredients: 3 c. All-purpose flour 2 t. Salt 2 t. Yeast 1 1/8 c. Water Method: 1. Mix everything together. If too wet, add more flour. If too dry, add more water. 2. Knead for 10 minutes. Cover and set aside to rise until doubled in size...

  • Frugal Project #1:  Here's the Scoop!

    Frugal Project #1: Here's the Scoop!

    6 years ago

    A scoop for my pet food bucket was needed. Now, I could easily bus/cab over to the dollar store and pick up a scoop for a buck. You get what you pay for, however. One shove-and-lift into the bucket and that handle would most definitely break off. On...

  • Ode of a Cabbie

    Ode of a Cabbie

    6 years ago

    Ode of a Cabbie What does a cabbie go through all day, you may think. Is it all fun and games or does it drive you to drink? How to put the answers in a way that is funny, As I sit in my cab, waiting, trying to make money. Round...

  • Plastic Grocery Bag Folding Tutorial

    Plastic Grocery Bag Folding Tutorial

    6 years ago

    Whenever I need a break - or am about to stress right out, I try to do something constructive and not too time-consuming (the fifteen bags in this note were all folded within 3 minutes*). By the time I'm done folding, even though for a short time, I...

  • Eyes Open, People!

    Eyes Open, People!

    6 years ago

    What I see on a daily basis would make you cringe! They include but are not limited to: Pedestrians walking across intersections, engrossed in their texting, phone call or actual book reading Pedestrians crossing streets, most often on a...

  • Weight No Longer - Time to Get Healthy!

    Weight No Longer - Time to Get Healthy!

    6 years ago

    It’s amazing how you can change your life just by changing your thoughts! Add common sense and ownership of your actions and you will be astonished at your transformation! Diet pills, shakes, strict calorie-reduced diets, old wives tales/remedies,...

  • Cabbie Chronicles

    Cabbie Chronicles

    6 years ago

    People tell me I should write what I know - and I know cabbing! At least in Sudbury, Ontario, I do. This is a job where you never know what will happen every single day. Some days are great, some not so much. There is a TON of public misconceptions...


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