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I'm Joshua Hartzell. I grew up on a small farm in Indiana. After a few years of moving around I'm thrilled to be able to be in the home built by my great grandfather. I'm an Army Veteran of 6 years & spent 2003 in Iraq. I've been a Corrections Officer & a Fugitive Recovery Agent. Now I'm a Private Investigator, Published Author, & Freelance Writer.

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  • Essay on the Second Amendment

    Essay on the Second Amendment

    6 years ago

    As an assignment I was asked to write an essay that not only argued against, but mocked, a belief that was strongly held by any group. The essay that I was given as an example quoted the Second Amendment, but the author...

  • Essay on Punishment

    Essay on Punishment

    6 years ago

    Punishments vary in so many ways. Every country, every boss, and every military, all have their own forms of punishment. Civilian or military, adult or child, and even rich or poor, all seem to make a difference as to...