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  • New Years Eve in South Beach, Miami

    New Years Eve in South Beach, Miami

    8 years ago

    Jan. 18, 2015 - There is only one place to properly celebrate New Year’s in Miami, and that of course is on South Beach. South Beach is an international playground offering non-stop nightlife, sandy shores, unique architecture and plenty of eye...

  • Hiking the Hills of Connenmara, County Gallway, Ireland

    Hiking the Hills of Connenmara, County Gallway, Ireland

    6 years ago

    My trek through the wilderness in the Connenmara National Park in County Galway, Western Ireland

  • Visiting Florence, Italy

    Visiting Florence, Italy

    10 years ago

    A beautiful Renaissance city jam packed full of priceless works of art, stunning architectural beauty, and a lively Italian spirit that brings the city to life!

  • America and Rome: The Death of Two Great Republics

    America and Rome: The Death of Two Great Republics

    10 years ago

    Read why the current plight of America is following the exact same path that led to the fall of the Roman Republic.

  • Visiting Assisi, Italy

    Visiting Assisi, Italy

    10 years ago

    The breathtaking hilltop town and commune of Assisi exemplifies the beauty that abounds in the central Italian countryside.

  • Visiting Perugia, Italy

    Visiting Perugia, Italy

    10 years ago

    Nestled in the Umbrian countryside in central Italy lies the ancient city of Perugia. Full of history, beauty, culture, and liveliness I can think of no better poster child for what an Italian city is meant to look like!

  • Visiting Venice, Italy

    Visiting Venice, Italy

    10 years ago

    The once mighty city republic still dominates Italian cultural taboos and stereotypes to this day. Read why Venice truly deserves its reputation as one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • 2

    Visiting Britain's Top 10 Cathedrals

    8 years ago

    Britain's cathedrals are some of the finest in Europe. Far from your average medieval church, the most exquisite spiritual centers in Britain are a testament to the imagination and meticulous craftsmanship that abounded during the days of lord and master. Come explore the top 10 most famous and...

  • Visiting Wales, UK

    Visiting Wales, UK

    10 years ago

    Steeped in mystic history stretching back to the days of King Arthur, the land of dragons is truly a unique and beautiful place. Named 'Cymru' in Welsh, this small country attached to the hip of England is often disregarded when speaking of the great sights in Britain.

  • Visiting Amsterdam

    Visiting Amsterdam

    10 years ago

    Amsterdam is the capitol of the Netherlands, and one of Europe's most famous cities. Full of beautiful architecture, meandering canals, lively squares, and an interesting nightlife, Amsterdam is a great place to visit for any age and demographic.

  • Top 10 Pubs of London

    Top 10 Pubs of London

    9 years ago

    London has a plethora of great pubs to chose from, but there are a few whose history and character set them apart from the common London pub. Here is a list of 10 London pubs that I have put together, any one of which will provide you with the great British experience you are seeking.

  • Visiting London, UK

    Visiting London, UK

    10 years ago

    No trip across the pond is complete without a visit to UK's capitol. As one of the cultural and financial centers of the world, London is bursting with history and character, playing a major part in European politics for centuries. Come see London's main attractions, read about the city's...

  • Visiting Cornwall, UK

    Visiting Cornwall, UK

    10 years ago

    Cornwall is the land of Arthurian legend, and home to some of Britain's most picturesque countryside. Come discover why Cornwall stands out amongst the rest of England, and why it attracts millions of visitors each year.

  • Visiting Britain's Top Castles

    Visiting Britain's Top Castles

    8 years ago

    Britain has far too many castles to chose from, and often leaves visitors overwhelmed with options. So, I have decided to make a list of the biggest and best castles on the island to impress any visitor to Britain.

  • Visiting the Lake District, England

    Visiting the Lake District, England

    10 years ago

    The Lake District is England's largest national park and one of its greatest natural beauties. The large mountainous park is full of beauty and adventure. Come learn why this spectacular place draws millions of visitors every year.

  • Visiting Macedonia

    Visiting Macedonia

    9 years ago

    Macedonia is historical the land of Alexander the Great. However, time and history has changed the entire landscape of this former Yugoslavian state, offering a rich area of cultural and natural beauty. Come explore Macedonia's abundant ancient cities, climb one of it's many spectacular peaks,...

  • Visiting Jamaica Me Crazy Mon

    Visiting Jamaica Me Crazy Mon

    10 years ago

    If you're thinking about the Caribbean, think JAMAICA! Beautiful white pearl sandy beaches, miles of secluded waterfalls, extreme sports up the wazoo, parties on the beach; what more could you ask for?! Come see the beauty and fun that is Jamaica!

  • 32

    Visiting Prague-the Medieval City

    9 years ago

    The Medieval city of Prague will astound you in more ways than one. Gothic architecture, winding streets, vibrant culture, some of the best beer in the world, and a crazy night life will keep bringing you back to Prague!

  • Surviving 'Oktoberfest'

    Surviving 'Oktoberfest'

    10 years ago

    Tips, advice, and great pictures of one of the craziest parties you'll ever see. Discover what Oktoberfest is really about!

  • Visiting Edinburgh

    Visiting Edinburgh "Athens of the North"

    9 years ago

    Edinburgh is one of the neatest European cities, and one of my personal favorites. Come find out why this amazing city attracts millions of visitors ever year!

  • Top Travel Tips

    Top Travel Tips

    8 years ago

    Travel tips that will help you make the most out of your trip. Whether you're heading to Thailand for a month of bakcpacking or just taking a weekend trip the next city over, these tips are a great way to get the best experiences out of any vacation!


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