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Mommy of triplets, born on 6/11/11.

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  • Saving money on a

    Saving money on a "Budget" with babies

    4 years ago

    Baby Budget

  • Triplets..Stuff


    5 years ago

    So many folks that I know who are pregnant have all asked me for some "momma"/"baby" advice as they are all new to parenthood and think because I have 3.. I might be some type of a baby expert. Of course I laugh when I...

  • Triplets.. Lessons Learned

    Triplets.. Lessons Learned

    5 years ago

    So we survived the first year of parenthood... x's 3!!! Walking into the world of parenting is one thing, but walking into the world of parenting x's 3 is an entirely different ballgame. I remember when I was making a...

  • Triplets... Happy Birthday Day!!!

    Triplets... Happy Birthday Day!!!

    5 years ago

    Happy Birthday Triplets!! Happy Birth-Day Mommy!!! We made it.. we survived the first year!! It was funny because everyone kept telling me Happy Birthday Mommy, Happy Birthday Mommy!! And at first I didn't get it, but...

  • All about Triplets

    All about Triplets

    6 years ago

    Hi... My name is Rupal Shah and I am a mommy of triplets!!! Having triplets is amazing and not to mention an instant family! :)!! Along with having triplets, we also have 2 doggies! When we found out we were having...