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    The Culture of Cell Phone Charms

    2 months ago

    This article explores Japan and Asia's cell phone charm culture, their history and predecessors, and how the trend spread across the world during the 2000s.

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    Crane Culture: The World of the Crane

    8 years ago

    Cranes are a bird of legend and one of the world's most majestic and elegant bird species. "Crane Culture..." takes a look at the crane and the legends, culture, and facts surrounding it.

  • 8

    Crow Art Around the World

    17 months ago

    Crows are a species of bird that are highly intelligent, fasincinating to watch, and highly misunderstood by humankind. Crows art is also a largely-overlooked art genre! "Crow Art..." takes a look at crow art around the world, artists who are famous for their crow paintings, and crows in cultures...

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    A Guide to Spinning Tops Across the Globe

    3 months ago

    Let's have a look at some of the oldest spinning tops from around the world and learn a little about their history, background, characteristics, and more.

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    Chinese Landscape Paintings: History, Themes, and Significance

    12 months ago

    Take a look at Chinese landscape paintings throughout the centuries. Basic components, themes, colors, and historical significance.

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    Coolidge Dogs: A History of the Poker and Pool-Playing Canines

    6 days ago

    Cassius Coolidge's "Dogs Playing Poker" paintings are some of the most famous works in American art history. Explore the background and legacy of these iconic paintings!

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    Horse Paintings: Equestrian Art of Yesterday and Today

    6 years ago

    All around the world, horse paintings - or equestrian paintings - are familiar to almost everyone. Horse paintings can be found hanging in homes, offices, museums, and elsewhere. But what is the history behind many of the world's horse paintings? Who are some of the famous equine artists? In what...

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    Pine Trees: Meanings and Culture of the Great Evergreen

    17 months ago

    The pine is a genus of tree which has meanings and symbolism all around the world. Cultural and religious meanings of the pine tree and various facts about the great pine.

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    Bamboo Paintings of East Asia: History, Significance, and Artists

    17 months ago

    This article takes a look at the meaning of bamboo in east Asian art, some of the great Chinese bamboo painters, and a little about Chinese, Japanese, and Korean bamboo paintings.

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    Ten Famous Lighthouses From Around the World

    16 months ago

    Did you realize that in addition to being a necessity for ships at sea, lighthouses are also popular tourist attractions and historical sites? Learn more about ten well-known and iconic lighthouses from different countries around the world and the history behind them.

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    Cherry Blossom Art in Asia and Beyond

    7 years ago

    Cherry blossoms, or sakura, have become a popular subject of art in both East and West. Japanese cherry blossom art is particularly famous worldwide, but there are other countries where the cherry blossom has taken root and spread its beauty on canvas, fabric, and more. Much of this artwork is...

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    Moon Paintings of China and Japan

    17 months ago

    Moon paintings have been a part of Chinese and Japanese art for many centuries. Images of the moon are strongly associated with these two countries. This article explores the history of these paintings and prints and the meaning of the moon in Chinese and Japanese artwork.

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    Kaede: The Japanese Maple Tree

    4 months ago

    The Japanese maple tree is famous worldwide for its beauty and elegance. This article explores the meaning of the Japanese maple tree to the Japanese people and its place in society and culture.

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    The Moon Rabbit in Legend and Culture

    5 months ago

    Have you ever noticed the rabbit in the moon? Are you familiar with the Moon Rabbit, or Jade Rabbit as it's sometimes called? "The Moon Rabbit In Legend and Culture" is dedicated to that big bunny pounding away in its pestle!

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    Chinese and Japanese Koi Art

    17 months ago

    Carp art - and in particular koi art - is some of the most famous artwork to be exported from Asia. In "Chinese and Japanese Koi Fish Art", Chinese and Japanese carp paintings, koi art, and the history and cultural significance behind the carp are discussed.

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    Kappa: The Japanese River Monster

    18 months ago

    In Japan, legends have been told for centuries about the legendary kappa water imp that is both a fearsome water monster and a troublemaker. This article discusses the kappa, its origins, attributes, its place in modern-day Japanese society, and whether it really exists or not.

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    The Art of the Japanese Butterfly

    8 years ago

    The butterfly has many meanings in Japan. Beautiful yet mysterious, the Japanese butterfly has made appearances on clothing, in media, in family crests, and especially in art. "The Art of the Japanese Butterfly" takes a look at the artwork of Japan which features this magnificent insect .

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    Japanese Wave Paintings

    12 months ago

    One of the most recognizable subjects in Japanese art are the giant waves that lap its shores. These waves have been famously depicted in Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." Explore this and other works of Japanese art that depict these gigantic waves, as well as their meanings and history.

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    Raku Pottery in Japan

    17 months ago

    The history of raku, its purpose and function in Japanese society, as well as the characteristics of Japanese raku pottery are all discussed in this article.

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    Stone Carvings of Cambodia

    17 months ago

    "Stone Carvings of Cambodia" is an article about the world-famous Khmer stone carvings, their history, and the culture that gave rise to them. Also discussed in this article are the rise and fall of Angkor and Angkor Wat.


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