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There is nothing like living a healthy and worthwhile life. My goal in life was to stay thin and to live as healthy as I could. With obesity in the United States standing around 31% this is something I did not want in my life. Here is a great map from the CDC that shows the obesity rates in each state since 1985.

Its time to make a difference and to do something about the way we eat.

I also love to travel and have been to Africa twice. I am going back this summer to hopefully establish two pig farms to help fund orphanages and orphaned kids. Uganda is where its all at!

My favorite topics are travel, fitness, health, workout dvds like the p90x workout and online marketing. I am currently self employed and love it. I don't want to live for myself but want to help those around me, my family, friends and the kids in Uganda who have no family.

I have learned through life that the more you give the more you really get. Life isn't about getting everything you want. But if you give up your life, thats when you really start living life. I have given so much time, money and effort and have realized that I have gained so much more.. its weird how life works.

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