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Unleashed77 profile image


Joined 8 years ago from SATX




Hello all.

This is for the guy who posted about FAT women.

Yeah, I was sitting here crying my eyes out. I am married unfortunately he is everything you explained. Except he does want my company oddly enough. (For the last eleven years to be exact and 4 children later). And yes he cheated on me, with some old lady escort service. But thats only because I cheated on him. And no I cant say that he hasnt cheated on me since then. I dont keep tabs on him 24-7. But guys can have a beautiful woman and still feel the need to cheat. Maybe men are just dogs!! I dont look like any of those women on your photos, but I am pretty close to it i guess. The truth does hurt,, and your article was harsh,, and it is sad that us FAT women turn to food or have low self esteem on a regular. But it is really because of people like you who try to keep us down. I dont blame anyone for the reason I got the way am,,that was all me. I do blame you for keeping us in that state of mind. The feeling of being unwanted and feeling like noone will ever really love us. So yeah us FAT women turn to food. Food doesnt talk back! The fact of the matter is everyone is different, and there are men that love FAT women and can commit. So your comment about men not liking FAT women and committing to a relationship, is a bunch of BS . I have a friend whom is bigger than I and she is very happily married. There is someone out there for everyone,,some of us will never get that chance to love, or really be loved because people like you whom want to keep us down and feel worthless. We are human beings first and far most. And just because when you look at a FAT women and get disgusted doesnt mean the next man will. You are heartless, and hateful and a closed minded idiot. Have you ever stopped to think, to yourself why some of us gained the weight. There's lots of different reasons. Some of us gained because we were raped being "skinny" years before and got fat over the years because we couldnt deal with what happened to us so we turned to food. Then the body gets use to the sugar and the caffeine then they turn into cravings and before you know it, you have ballooned up to god knows what. Then when you try to lose weight, you run into all these heart problems like svt or asthma or something to further bring you down. Instead of speaking something encouraging you stepped on us like we mean nothing. To say that no man will ever want us as in a committed relationship is not true. There are plenty of men whom find us attractive. There are men whom are turned on to the fact that us FAT women arent experienced enough and they want to teach us more. There are men whom are turned OFF to a skinny woman who knows too much in bed. Men like to take control of things, so he may feel intimidated by a skinny women and therefore look at her and think she's been around too much. And wouldnt give her the time of day. Skinny women are often looked at as being "hoes", the correct term would be whore. The times are different from what you portray them to be. Here in Texas women are mostly average to FAT or slightly over weight. Here in San Antonio, men love BIG women. Especially the hispanic one's. On your article you stated Fat women accept anything they can get. Maybe in your world, but in mine I know what I want and what I like and if you can't give me that, its best you move on. I don't like dirty men because I am not a dirty person. I like a man to smell good all the time. I dont stink neither should he. I like a man who keeps his place up to par. However I dont care too much for a neat freak. I like a man to know what he wants and how to get it, and knows what I want and how to give it to me. You said men who are attracted to FAT women are just using them for sex and just looks at them as a "vagina", well, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree sweetheart. Perhaps some of us FAT women are doing the same. Therefore i can say some of us FAT women look at men just as a "penis". Sex is sex, and you better bet your bottom dollar I will have my fun too. Even if I ran across someone whom just wanted to use me and his intentions are exactly what you said. I'm still getting mine. regardless. So both of us win. We are all adults, and I use to go on dates and have flings, we both knew what we were getting ourselves into. We were both honest and knew sex is really all we wanted from eachother. some guys believe it or not wanted more. I was skeptical, because of seeing and hearing people like you open your big mouths saying degrading things about FAT women and disrespecting them, I passed up alot of good, respectful, well organized, successful men whom had lots of potential, to be the man I wanted them to be. And most of them were white, because I dont date black men or hispanic men. You all just dont know how to act or treat a women period! Regardless if we are fat, skinny, tall, short, a supermodel, what have you. I.E,, RHIANNA. TINA TURNER, ROBYN WILLIAMS,(the girl that was married to mike tyson.) All of them got beat on. And they are skinny and pretty. Look at HALLE BERRY,voted one of the most beautiful women in the world, and yet her dumbass black stupid husband cheated on her. IS HE INSANE?! But anyway, thats another story. The man I was raped by was black by the way, for someone not to find me attractive he sure forced himself on me even though I said no, but then that shouldnt of happened right because FAT women accept anything right?! Anyway, you need to watch the movie why did I get married. That is how I see the world now. There are people from all walks of life, who can be loved just for being themselves. it has nothing to do with weight. OPEN YOUR MIND!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you open up a box of chocolates...I dont even like chocolate!!!

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