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Ever since I could hold Crayolas in my chubby toddler fingers I have been writing. I first filled notebooks upon notebooks, then journals, then blogs, and now here I am at Hubpages, ready to fill the internet with more words!

I have written proffessionally as a columnist for a local newspaper, as a radio newswriter, and as a contracted freelance writer for yet another local newspaper

I am married to a real cutie named Charlie, and we are expending enormous amounts of energy raising five rapidly growing and refrigerator-depleting youth. I also have two married daughters, one who has graciously contributed two grandgirls, the other who needs to occassionally be reminded I am still waiting for more...

I live in the rustic beauty of Michigans Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior where I write fun, faith-filled, and informative pieces.

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    • How do you know?

      How do you know?

      8 years ago

      people seem to know if thier Hub has any $$ coming. I can't figure out where you check that. Can anyone help? Not that I think I have any money coming yet...but hopefully!!!

    • Submission: Good word or Bad?

      Submission: Good word or Bad?

      8 years ago

      Last night at church we watched a video with John Bevere called Under Cover. It was excellent. there were some great points, like how Adam and Eve resisted Gods authority and later tried to get back under the same...

    • Prayer Needs?

      Prayer Needs?

      7 years ago

      Anyone need personal prayer for ANYTHING? I'd love to pray for you... and someone else coming by may too. :-)

    • experienced Hubbers Opinion?

      experienced Hubbers Opinion?

      8 years ago

      which is better? To write "30 hubs in 30 days" or to write 1 really good each week and devote time promoting it and building a fan base? A little bit of both?

    • Digg and Mixx

      Digg and Mixx

      8 years ago

      I use Stumbled upon, but have not joined these two places. Have you? Are they good for hubbers? A waste of energy? basically Should I join? why or why not?

    • Okay... what now?

      Okay... what now?

      8 years ago

      I have been here hubbing away for two weeks now. I was thrilled my status hit 89, but then it dropped to 87. A hub hit 80... then it dropped to 77. My total views are about 250. So... I am wondering what is the next...

    • thanksgiving


      8 years ago

      Do you have any special traditions for Thanksgiving? I am starting a series of Hubs on Thanksgiving, so I was just curious...

    • What is heaven Like?

      What is heaven Like?

      8 years ago

      I am doing a short series on heaven. Just wondering what people think it is like. Or maybe you had a near death experience that gave you a glimpse of heaven?

    • Links to my other Hubs

      Links to my other Hubs

      8 years ago

      I accidentally hit something that allowed me to chose other hubs I wrote that I could connect with the one I was working on. I didn't need it then, but I wanted to use it on my next hub. This time I couldn't figure out...

    • Do New Hubs all start at a score of 50?

      Do New Hubs all start at a score of 50?

      8 years ago

      Or am I lame? I just worked hard on a recipe hub. Pictures. Info. keyword use etc... and it just said 50 when I published it.

    • Promoting Recipe Hub?

      Promoting Recipe Hub?

      8 years ago

      I just tried my hand at writing a hub on cooking squash. I have, like NO idea how to promote such a hub. Do you do anything to promote your recipe hubs? If so where and how? Or do they do good on thier own?

    • How do you keep your eyes on Jesus?

      How do you keep your eyes on Jesus?

      8 years ago

      I have been praying and waiting about a few things lately, and it seems I keep hearing (or reading) "Keep your eyes on Jesus." It just seems at times the waters are rough and dark and it is hard to hold that...