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Aspiring for Truth and Spiritual Perfection. Experiencing and informing.We are Chaitanya and Jayashri, married and blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

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  • How to do Tattoo Removal Yourself

    How to do Tattoo Removal Yourself

    6 years ago

    Okay. So, you want to remove a tattoo? What do you do? You have looked into the laser thing and either you do not have the money, do not want to spend the money, or do not feel safe with the new technology. There are a...

  • Giving Thanks to Mother Earth

    Giving Thanks to Mother Earth

    7 years ago

    Mother earth. She gives us so much. Air to breathe, space to live, soil to grow our food, water to drink, everything we need to live, even our body. And what is our thank? Mindlessly destroying her. Please give thanks...

  • Original Elephant Art Paintings

    Original Elephant Art Paintings

    8 months ago

    When I first saw the video posted below, I could not believe it. It is truly amazing: an elephant is painting a self-portrait! Incredible. This proves to me what sensitive sentient beings the elephants are! Being...

  • Natural Wonder Herb Tooth Cavity Cure

    Natural Wonder Herb Tooth Cavity Cure

    6 years ago

    Once you discover the ancient natural remedy to stop cavities you will never again go to see a dentist. My hope is that this information I am sharing with you will revolutionize the world and put many dentists out of...

  • Cure Scabies: natural, non-toxic, herbal remedy

    Cure Scabies: natural, non-toxic, herbal remedy

    6 years ago

    I would like to present a proven natural scabies cure. It is a form of alternative medicine which I have found thorough self experimentation and which works amazingly well. This is my testimonial. I am the first person...

  • Bicycle Engine Review

    Bicycle Engine Review

    6 years ago

    In the days of "economic crisis" and high gas prices, why not go by bike? And for the long and hilly tours, just get an engine on your bike. But what's the difference between all the available models? My husband did...