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Joined 8 years ago from California




Libra, analytical thinker, stubborn yet very open-minded.

Female, 30ish, emotional, into spiritual development and finding balance.

A real family person, and close monogamous relationship person.

Loves family, boyfriend, dog, nature, plants, animals, Earth, air, stars, the universe, and God (Everything).

Enjoys organic food, dining out, relaxation, peace.

Wishes the World would "Go Green" - now! (Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power - NO more oil, coal, or nuclear!)

Prays for World Peace and Love.

Too many "hobbies" to list (sporadic, strong-willed): guitar-playing, song-writing, pencil drawing, oil painting, sculpting, sewing, fixing, designing, growing food, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, photo-taking, learning other languages, researching, learning anything, etc. etc. etc.

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