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valeriebelew profile image


Joined 8 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA




Also follow me on:

Valerie Belew is a Certified Substance Abuse Professional and published author who has served as Addictions Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director, Program Director, Crisis Intervention Evaluator and Public Speaker. She holds a Master's Degree in the field of Social Services and is currently available in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas on a contract basis as an Addiction counselor, speaker and workshop presenter. From November of 2010 until April of 2013 Ms. Belew served as addiction counselor for Hope House, a women's residential facility in middle Georgia, and recently appeared on a video celebrating Recovery Month 2012. She is a published writer who has had online articles and hubs read by over 400,631 readers and counting. Her first novel, Undercover:Our Secret Obsessions, is a Must read for anyone who has been touched by addiction, or treats it; a story of one woman's path to meth addiction and back again. Undercover: Our Secret Obsessions is available for purchase on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Please visit its website or read hub below for more information about Undercover: Our Secret Obsessions:

Ms. Belew has become very interested in the anti cancer lifestyle and diet, as well as in the use of physical exercise to overcome addiction and other disease types. She has published over 500 on-line articles on subjects related to Substance Abuse Treatment, Drug Addiction and Abuse, Specific drugs abused, pet care, pet breeds, lawn care, fitness & nutrition, and many social and political issues.

Other than researched breed information, most of her animal hubs and articles, are written as a result of oberving her own pets, three dogs, and two cats. She was also once a breeder of Australian Shepherd Dogs, Golden Retriever Dogs, and Himalayan Persian Cats, and has worked through various rescue agencies to provide temporary care for homeless animals until they can be placed in loving homes.

Ms. Belew is available to conduct training and workshops on substance abuse related issues or to accept commercial writing assignments. Again, her first novel, Undercover, published by CHB Media, is presently available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kindle, and its own website: Please visit to learn more about Undercover: Our Secret Obsessions.

She is presently working on five others, including Breaking Free and White Liars, the sequals to Undercover: Our Secret Obessions, Sambo, The Bad Dog, and Coming Out With Christopher, an atypical love story, with first chapters of each, as well as random chapters present on her hubpages website. While she hates political debate and hate mail, she loves comments and discussions about the characters and story matter of her novels. Please comment on them as they are read.



Or if you enjoy political type novals such as 1984 or Brave New World, you might choose to click the link below and read the first chapter of Proud Nation, a noval about life when financial status becomes the ultimate indicator of personal worth.

Ms. Belew is a poet and songwriter whose art forms attempt to write from the perspective of many groups. Please check out some of her hard hitting lyrics.

Although she always writes from a first person perspective whether it be noval, short story, poem, or song lyric, she has not experienced everything about which she writes. Much of her writing is created from the experiences of others who consistently feed her creative efforts. Valerie Belew lives south of metro Atlanta with Sambo, Brandi, Ginger, Fluffy and Michael. She loves feedback, so feel free to email her through this site with any questions, clarifications or comments about her work.

I want to thank you personally, for taking an interest in my site. I was so afraid I would always write only for my own pleasure, with no hope of sharing. Please see me also on Tweeter, Facebook, Linkedin and My Space. I look forward to seeing you there!

Your Friend & Writer,

Valerie Belew, M. Div., ICADC, CADC II

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