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I am the mother of two beautiful children I raise with my best friend and husband in the quaint seacoast of town of North Hampton, and the step-mother of three other remarkable young adults who were barely reaching their teens when I entered into their lives. I believe in charity, the idealistic views of world peace, and have a fond heart for humanity. As a result I find myself unable to say no to any charitable affairs and belong to organizations who goals are aligned with those ideals. By nature I am spiritual, believe in a Divine Architect and a grand design and am drawn toward science, mysticism and alchemy. I find myself forever drawn to the human condition, am constantly definging what that actually is, am amazed by the capacity for human survival against all odds, and yet just as easily succumb to the tiniest manifestations of personal devistations.

More than an interest in human development, psychology, and various cultures, traditionals and world religions, I find myself studying anything that explains how the world works in general. There is a vast world of things that hold my interest, but inevitably all that interests me still finds its way into a larger spectrum of things and I am consistently drawing new conclusions and finding new connections as I observe the world, contemplate its existence, and then regurgitate it half hazardly onto the page either in the form of writing, some expression of art, or in the random manifestations of music I am always to shy to perform.

Of all things I have done in my lifetime, of all the things I have experienced, these are the three things I have always done repeatedly. They are the three things that I have experienced the most, ever since my earliest memories, I have written, I have created art, and I have held the guitar against my chest, strumming and singing shyly in the corner without knowing the complexities of its language. These are the three, most consistent aspects of myself, integrated within me, and changing with me and within me, never once without me.

Ironically when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never answered with any of these things. These things were not external forces for me. They were me. These were things I already was before I was ever aware of any concept of identity. A career was always something I considered external. It was something you do. It was presented as "work" in the cultural context of things. Never once did it ever occur to me that I am a writer, an artist and a musician, and that a career, a job or work is just something someone else sees it as. These things are more than what I do. They are who I am.

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