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  • Crumbs From The Stars

    Crumbs From The Stars

    5 years ago

    Why do you search yourself somewhere else? And leave people behind, does that make sense? Aren’t your eyes the window through your soul? And isn’t your tongue a spade that breaks your goal? Your hands made to destroy the walls, That...

  • Ignorance Needs to be Cured

    Ignorance Needs to be Cured

    4 years ago

    What is the special thing that separates knowledge from wisdom? That is the question we need to find out.

  • The Head Turner

    The Head Turner

    4 years ago

    I'm a village girl living in a small house in a small villa in a small town. I've never been in the in crowd. Girls like me belong to the people who are contented to sit down in a chair drinking a glass of juice while watching others dance in...



    4 years ago

    In my deepest thoughts early in the morning, In my shattered dreams from my awaken soul at dawn, In my passionate memories lost in the ocean, You're all that I see.. You're all that I feel.. Another beauty is beside me, On the other room, a goddess...

  • Tears Dry Before They Fall From Your Eyes

    Tears Dry Before They Fall From Your Eyes

    6 years ago

    I Deny what I feel every time I see you, You Lie about what you really want when you're beside me. Utter words to hide what you are, Stutter because you know the truth but you cannot accept it to yourself. Deny that you see me when you look at the...

  • Don't Let Me Fall For You

    Don't Let Me Fall For You

    6 years ago

    I catch my breath When you are near me. A subtle glance from you Making me know that it's me whom you fancy. Your smile each day Wipe my tears away. A minute with you feels like an hour or two. I'll never forget the first time you said I'm...

  • You Have The Right To Be Here

    You Have The Right To Be Here

    6 years ago

    You know when to be happy and when to be sad, When you deserve something you have And when you do not. You know how to let go But you can't do it right away, Things will be gone when you already paid. You know when to feel bad and when to feel...

  • Loving The Unlovable

    Loving The Unlovable

    6 years ago

    Lost.. Alone.. Pressured.. Jaded. Tired of giving up.. So humiliated. Each day's a mess, never did like it much Always at the end of the line never been in the top notch. A laughing stock.. A Shameful little girl lost in the wild, Blank stares.....

  • Nothing To Believe in

    Nothing To Believe in

    6 years ago

    I was always asked by other people to invite him to come in and occupy the most special place in my heart and I did it without having second thoughts but he never came--HE NEVER CAME.. I stare at him as he lie next to me. His eyes are brown,...

  • TIME? This is Fact Sheet.

    TIME? This is Fact Sheet.

    6 years ago

    "Wie spät ist es?," says the man from Deutschland " Hoe laat is het?," according to the girl from the Netherlands "Quelle heure est-il?," answers the guy from France "Qué hora es?," replies the Spanish "Ano ba? Ano'ng oras na?" says the...

  • Is The Universe a Simulation?

    Is The Universe a Simulation?

    6 years ago

    " I am real. When I pinch myself, I get hurt. When I slap my face, I feel pain. I get mad. I cry. I fall in love. I get hungry. I feel happiness and sadness. If I am going to cut my wrist right now in front of you, I'm sure I'll bleed. I think. I...



    6 years ago

    How amazing it is to be all alone. To be with yourself. To be with nobody and nothing else. To be away from that noisy, confusing and filthy world. To be be far far away from that dimension where romanticism and fantasy are being ignored--in that...



    4 years ago

    WE LOVE ROCK AND ROLL! It is omnipresent and contagious like a plague. That's why I would like to share the beautiful voices behind my favorite rock bands. Here's the list of what I am talking about.

  • Badboys to Sweethearts

    Badboys to Sweethearts

    6 years ago

    "It ain't easy Livin' like a gypsy Tell ya honey how I feel I've been dreamin' Floatin' down the stream n' Losin' touch with all that's real" ...Oh, yeah! and I'm enjoying singing that song. That's "Mama Kin" from Aerosmith, by the way. That's...

  • First Class Broke

    First Class Broke

    6 years ago

    She touches the pole and begins her dance.. All eyes, blazing, on her watching her performance.. Lights dim, Music loudens, Bottles pop, Glasses break, What a big shame she's going to make. Her lips never laugh but smile, and her...

  • Public Privacy

    Public Privacy

    4 years ago

    It's hard, the writing, these days. I don't know where to start. Every time I attempt to write my introduction, I always end up erasing everything I have written. I know life makes me jaded. My daily routine bores me and when I am jaded with what's...

  • Granny Dear

    Granny Dear

    6 years ago

    I want to know if you are fine Or what's inside your mind. Because lately you're so silent, And your eyes look violent. In the morning you forget To smile and wave at sunshine. Never walk outside anymore to get A breathe of fresh...



    6 years ago

    They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach but how about the way to a woman's? Is it through a man's pick-up lines? I have so many guy friends who always use pick-up lines in our conversations. Some are funny, some are witty, some...

  • It's Funnier in the Philippines

    It's Funnier in the Philippines

    4 years ago

    "Please close the ref after you get out the food". "OMG! close the door, the aircon may get out!" "It's okay, eat all you can eat". Oh, Philippines, My dear Philippines--land of the mornings, pearl of the orient seas, home of fun-loving...

  • Pay Me or Not

    Pay Me or Not

    5 years ago

    I like it this way--all alone at the kitchen watching the fire burning from the coals, waiting for the water to reach its boiling point so I could go back to the living room--oh, no, let me correct that, I mean to the dining room which I consider...

  • Taste Like Heroin

    Taste Like Heroin

    6 years ago

    Bitter lips touch his skin, Doesn't feel good but it's heaven within. Severe pain makes him cry, He knows one thing can help him fly. Salt, colored brown. Smell, makes him frown. Hell..all of them say, But he sold his life for...

  • Come Back When You Feel Like Coming Home

    Come Back When You Feel Like Coming Home

    4 years ago

    At the bus stop, You stand, Another woman holds your hand, Her bag, on your shoulder, In her body, your black leather. Out of your mind, You elope with a concubine, Just Met her at the house of sin, Now, you're ready to begin A...

  • What Day is it Today?

    What Day is it Today?

    6 years ago

    Red roses scattered on the streets, The man said, don't touch them with your feet, But he's too late for I ruined the sweet taste of passion and heart beats. I saw, in the woman's laundry, a pink sheet, She washed it though still neat, ...

  • Truth Lies

    Truth Lies

    6 years ago

    Tears are about to flood this day, But I wipe them before they fall down from my eyes, And then from you, I look away, Cover my ears to not hear our cries. But to cry without tears is fake, As to say you're in love but cannot do what it...

  • Vanity--Her Favorite Sin

    Vanity--Her Favorite Sin

    6 years ago

    Oh, where on Earth are the descendants of Cleopatra VII or the offsprings of Helen of Troy? You could be one of them, that's possible. Just look at the mirror and try to find the features of these two icons of beauty in your reflection. Woman--It...

  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before

    To All The Boys I've Loved Before

    6 years ago

    You left me crying on the kitchen floor, While you were about to jam the door, Counted from one to four, Didn't want to see my face anymore. The front door was closed with a latch, "Get outta here," I said "then I'll scratch Your ugly...

  • In Case You Are Interested

    In Case You Are Interested

    6 years ago

    Everyday, I walk with a checklist--well, I am not really holding a paper or whatsoever but this list is on my mind. It's not a checklist for the things I have to buy in the grocery or supermarket but a checklist for the characteristics of the man of...

  • Killing Silence

    Killing Silence

    6 years ago

    Staring, Standing, Eyes rolling. Singing without a song, Dancing without music. Screaming, Shouting, Mouth opens but words don't come out. Laughing without voice, Holding without hands. Stuttering, Stumbling...

  • Shine, My Sun

    Shine, My Sun

    6 years ago

    Silence.. Stares.. Sealed lips, closed eyes.. Embraces, kisses while the white dove flies. Sitting under the half moon, imagining of you. Holding my pen and paper Don't know what I'm gonna do. Your hair, Your smile, Your...

  • Is God Sleeping in His Bed?

    Is God Sleeping in His Bed?

    4 years ago

    If I do not believe in him, would you judge me? If I lose my faith in him, could you blame me? I am neither an anti-christ nor an atheist but I just want to know whether he is always with me or not. I want to know where he is when it hurts. ...

  • In Love but Unknown

    In Love but Unknown

    6 years ago

    How can I see you when you are miles away, I would if I could but I can't though I want to, My morning is your night and my night is your day, There are so many ways but them I cannot do. I shouldn't have told you the love I feel, You...

  • A Boy's Paradise

    A Boy's Paradise

    6 years ago

    A boy next door wakes up every morning without being sure how much he has to pay for the happiness she brought last night to make him feel alright. When he opens his eyes, the world turns to ice. Reaching for an angel who flies but he ends up...


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