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My name is Vicki. I have a BA Honours in English and absolutely love to read. University gave me the desire and ability to critically examine our world. I love looking for the other side of any situation and asking the “So what?” question. What does it mean; to me, to society, to the world. Sometimes what it means causes you to laugh so hard you cry. Whatever it means, I want to talk about it.

Now for the fun stuff. I live in Hamilton, Ontario with my fiance, my dog, my two cats, my bearded dragon and several fish. I lived in Sault Ste Marie during my childhood and absolutely loved it. I used to canoe but I am terrible at it. Besides reading, I enjoy listening to music, playing D&D with friends, shopping for candles, music and books, and of course, writing.

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    Dungeons and Dragons 101

    5 years ago

    This hub provides an explanation of terms used by players of Dungeons and Dragons. I wrote this hub for spouses, co-workers and family of D&D enthusiasts to help explain what they are talking about in language that you...