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I'm Veronica, and I have been creating lenses on Squidoo since July of 2008. I'm a freelance writer with more than a passing interest in Native American issues. Primarily, my interest lies with the Lakota Sioux, and Pine Ridge Reservation. I have spent years travelling to and from the area, and have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting and wonderful people. I am also a Grandma extraordinaire, and find my grandchildren much easier to get along with than my own children were at that age. Funny how that works, innit? My two constant companions happen to be Chihuahuas. Papi is 8 years old, and Paco is not even a year old yet. Although they are not related, they look very similar. They get along quite well together. I LOVE South Dakota...especially the Black Hills. In my many travels there, I have learned the fascinating history, and discovered the natural beauty of the area. I hope to live there one day. I hope you enjoy my "lenses", and I welcome your thoughts. I also create custom built lenses I'm on Twitter: squidliterate Digg: vbright "If winning doesn't matter-why do we keep score?"

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  • Lakota Sioux Sacred Rites

    Lakota Sioux Sacred Rites

    4 years ago

    For the Lakota Sioux, there are seven Sacred Rites which are observed. These rites stem from generations of legend and tradition. Each is a beautiful tribute to the people and the tribe. Each of the Sacred Ceremonies...