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Venus Mary (Venusmaritza)

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  • The Affection of a Child

    The Affection of a Child

    14 months ago

    Maternal and infantile poetry full of tenderness and innocence, its plethoric universes of games, laughter and family are the frame of true happiness in the stage of unforgettable childhood.

  • Am I or Am I Not?

    Am I or Am I Not?

    14 months ago

    Automatic surrealist poetry, where unconsciousness gravitates and seizes the illogical events, showing that surreal dimensional world contrary to the logical mind.

  • A hike in dreams

    A hike in dreams

    14 months ago

    Verses of feelings and memories of the past, when we think about what happened in our lives. Those unforgettable events, pleasant and not pleasant, that were kept as movies in the mind.

  • Spirits in the shadows

    Spirits in the shadows

    14 months ago

    Poems about spiritual entities that haunt the day or night, in the sun or in the shadows, often occur and their categories are multiple: good, bad, with white or black clothes, transparent or with spherical light, and many forms. They are also presented in; dreams, telepathy and psychophonies.

  • The Ghost of the Forest

    The Ghost of the Forest

    5 months ago

    Poems where a ghost deciphers the secrets of the beyond, and talks about every thought, reflection and environment that surrounds its temporal or eternal transit, in the space where it lived, sometime in physical form.

  • I Fell in Love With a Ghost

    I Fell in Love With a Ghost

    13 months ago

    Verses that recite supernatural or fantastic love, its essence is real, because love is in the mind and heart with pure and true feelings existing to the infinite of the universe of love.

  • Telepathy? Or a dream?

    Telepathy? Or a dream?

    14 months ago

    Poems to the memory and nostalgia of past loves, in this life and in other existences of other centuries, where the sensibility of the reciprocal affection of twin souls is exalted.

  • Writing Poetry is to Give Life

    Writing Poetry is to Give Life

    14 months ago

    Poetries that decipher poetic art and some factors that complement it as the expression of beauty through words, which emerge in currents of genuine and continuous inspiration based on emotions.

  • Take Me With You

    Take Me With You

    14 months ago

    Fantastic, extraordinary loves that we find in life, and that elevate the imagination to the levels of the pleasant unreal in varied oases of real tenderness.

  • I Wanted to Forget You

    I Wanted to Forget You

    14 months ago

    Sad and realistic poem of love in disappointment, that falls to the floor, from the cusp of its idealization.

  • Gravitations


    14 months ago

    Verses to love in the distance, whether geographic, or centuries, of dreams, and spiritual distances of the forbidden loves but sincere in secret feelings.

  • Green Poetry

    Green Poetry

    14 months ago

    Poetry to the wild nature, fused to human emotions, mainly those positive feelings that exalt life on earth.

  • Dream of the Imagination

    Dream of the Imagination

    14 months ago

    Poetry about the imagination united to the tangible and intangible universe of human feelings, where submundos emerge showing their colors and their internal light...

  • Your Fantasy Beach

    Your Fantasy Beach

    14 months ago

    Poetry of loving abstraction, and distant with pure feelings of incipient romance. When everything is perfect, and there is only idealized and eternal love....


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