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Longtime freelance writer; mom of 3; big into music, food, health, education & style. Outlook, courtesy of Albert Schweitzer: "An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight... the truly wise person is colorblind."

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  • Narrow Calf Boots ~ Riding Boots

    Narrow Calf Boots ~ Riding Boots

    3 years ago

    Riding styles are meant to be streamlined, but if you're smaller than average in the calf, most boots don't work that way. Here, some good candidates for a snugger fit.

  • Top 5 Wide Calf Rain Boots

    Top 5 Wide Calf Rain Boots

    2 years ago

    Wellies are so cute and so functional, they should be available for all! That includes wider-calf boot lovers.

  • 5 Easy Babysitting Flyers

    5 Easy Babysitting Flyers

    3 years ago

    Looking for a babysitting flyer or template design? You've come to the right place. These flyers are easy to customize and will help promote your services and credentials. What to include on your flyer? ~ Your contact...

  • Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

    Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

    3 years ago

    We all suffer from "brain fog" from time to time, but imagine living 24/7 in a cogntive haze, wondering how others can think, plan, act and react so darned quickly. That's life for kids and adults with a syndrome...

  • Langston Hughes Dream Deferred

    Langston Hughes Dream Deferred

    3 years ago

    I was thrilled when my son was asked to analyze Langston Hughes Dream Deferred -- titled "Harlem" when originally published in 1951 as part of the poetry collection Montage of a Dream Deferred. As a longtime editor, I...

  • Printable Gift Tags

    Printable Gift Tags

    3 years ago

    Wrapping a gift is half the fun, don't you think? And so much easier -- and more stylish -- with these printable gift tags from a number of generous creative types out there in the blogosphere. Scroll down for printable...

  • Top 10 Songs About Teenagers

    Top 10 Songs About Teenagers

    3 years ago

    Rock'n'roll and adolescence go together like Mentos and soda. Here, ten top tunes about teens, from the '50s forward.

  • NYC Brunch -- Times Square / Theatre District

    NYC Brunch -- Times Square / Theatre District

    3 years ago

    Naysayers claim Times Square restaurants are subpar compared to other NYC neighborhoods. They may have a point, but if you're looking for a great brunch in NYC, these New York restaurants deliver the goods. You'll even...

  • The Globe Theatre

    The Globe Theatre

    3 years ago

    Built in 1599 by William Shakespeare's theatre company in London, the open-air Globe Theatre seated 3,000 and was three stories high. Made of wood, it burned to the ground in 1613 when a cannon shot during a performance...

  • Music Inspired Baby Names

    Music Inspired Baby Names

    3 years ago

    Are you a rockin' parent-to-be? Lean more toward classical music, blues, jazz, maybe country? A Beatles fanatic like me? Consider these musical names for a tuneful touch. They add an extra layer of meaning and fun...

  • Getting an Underweight Cat to Eat

    Getting an Underweight Cat to Eat

    3 years ago

    I've owned cats for 18 years, and for most of those years weight and diet were not big concerns. My first cat weighed about 11 lbs., the second about 10, and that barely changed from year to year at their vet checkups. ...

  • Homework Opt-Out: Would It Work?

    Homework Opt-Out: Would It Work?

    3 months ago

    Homework in many communities is a hot-button topic. Some parents want more, arguing it boosts work ethic and prepares kids for the competitive world of college and work. Others want a more moderate homework policy,...

  • Sunbutter vs. Peanut Butter

    Sunbutter vs. Peanut Butter

    3 years ago

    I'm not sure what first attracted me to Sunbutter, a spread made from sunflower seeds that is peanut free but looks, "feels" & tastes like peanut butter. Maybe it was the warm, sunny name. Maybe it was the pleasure of...

  • 125 Baby Names Inspired by Nature

    125 Baby Names Inspired by Nature

    20 months ago

    Always in style, nature names are charming for boys and girls.

  • Cute Boots for Skinny Calves

    Cute Boots for Skinny Calves

    13 months ago

    Have toothpick calves like mine? Don't let that stop you from finding the perfect knee-high boots.

  • Chicago's North Shore:  A John Hughes Tour

    Chicago's North Shore: A John Hughes Tour

    2 years ago

    John Hughes movies were shot largely in the Chicago suburbs. Want specifics? Check out these movie locations...

  • The Best Drinks for Kids

    The Best Drinks for Kids

    2 years ago

    The wrong drinks in the wrong quantities can contribute to health problems for kids. What should they be drinking?