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-I love to cook but I don't do it often. And by cooking I mean that I can follow a recipe.
-Even though I don't cook often I like to take cooking classes
-I almost never get angry, most of the time I'm very relaxed
-I can't sing or whistle very well
-When I was in elementary school I tried to play the recorder and then violin after that I decided I have no musical talent whats-o-ever.
-I won't get on a roller coaster because I'm scared to death of them
-Getting a shot from the doctors makes me almost pass out
-I have a very dry sarcastic sense of humor, and I can make almost anyone laugh
-I have a quick wit and love friendly banter
-I have fallen off a 12ft ladder without injury, however the box I was getting down didn't fair so well
-I love to go fishing, but I think seafood is gross
-I love ice tea, but I don't like drinks that are hot.
-Animals seem to love me, its the owners that I seem to have trouble with
-Have you ever noticed that all the people who drive faster than you are crazy and all the ones who drive slower than you are jerks? What is that about?
-I want to travel and see the world

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