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I'm what is politely known as a "generalist," meaning I've had far more than the usual number of jobs during my lifetime--I've been everything from a construction worker to a foodserver to a Navy jet pilot--but I've managed to take a little something from every one of them. Now I'm employed in a profession ideally suited to drawing from all those earlier experiences--writing. I have lots of stories to tell, and opinions and experiences to share. For some more in-depth articles and thoughts, please visit my website and blog: http://www.williamcampbelljr.com/wordpress

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  • Harvey


    13 months ago

    Harvey, my mother's second husband, seemed to be everything my sisters and I could want in a step-father. But good things, we were soon to learn, rarely last.

  • Kindergarten Lesson

    Kindergarten Lesson

    13 months ago

    I had been in kindergarten but a matter of days when I learned one of my most valuable lessons...this one at home, from my drunk father.

  • Saint Christopher Protect Us

    Saint Christopher Protect Us

    13 months ago

    I first met Penny when we were both thirteen. We "went steady" for less than a week. Now, more than fifty years later, I still recall the pain, and the terrible family secret that broke us apart.

  • Believing The Lie (Prologue)

    Believing The Lie (Prologue)

    13 months ago

    What, exactly, is a real man?

  • World Peace Begins...At Home

    World Peace Begins...At Home

    13 months ago

    One of my best friends announced that she would not be "participating" in this last election. How dare she?

  • Cut From The Same Fabric

    Cut From The Same Fabric

    13 months ago

    Out for a walk in the park one day, I witnessed a simple but poignant family ceremony that taught me just how closely we are all related in this world.

  • The Tarot High Priestess--Take A Look Inward

    The Tarot High Priestess--Take A Look Inward

    9 years ago

    The Fool's journey brings him to the High Priestess, who bids him to seek new paths to wisdom, and to develop the ability to use his inner intuition to bring about a desired outcome.

  • How To Kill Your Husband...

    How To Kill Your Husband...

    13 months ago

    Wait! Before you feed your husband (or wife) one more low-fat meal, read this hub. What you learn might just save his (or her) life.

  • Understanding The Tarot Magician--Manifesting the Potential of The Fool

    Understanding The Tarot Magician--Manifesting the Potential of The Fool

    9 years ago

    The Magician (the number "1" card in the Tarot deck) represents the urge to begin focusing pure potential energy, as symbolized by The Fool, and--with guidance from his Higher Self--to apply that energy in a specific...

  • Learn For Free How To Read Tarot Cards

    Learn For Free How To Read Tarot Cards

    9 years ago

    Learning to read tarot cards isn't an easy task, but with this free multi-part guide as a reference, you can give anyone an amazingly accurate reading. But be forewarned: tarot isn't the amusing parlor game you might...