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  • Understanding  Sub-culture

    Understanding Sub-culture

    6 years ago

    Within a large cultural context, particularly in complex societies, a group may posses certain distinctive ways of thinking feeling and acting that in a number of respects sets its members apart from the larger society....

  • General Features Of Word Processors

    General Features Of Word Processors

    6 years ago

    Some of the features that are basic to all word processors and word processing operations with particular reference to windows environment. Getting Started starting your word processor (e.g Microsoft word), as with any...

  • Spreadsheet Packages

    Spreadsheet Packages

    6 years ago

    Spreadsheet is a name for all programs designed to handle all accounting and statistical problems. A spreadsheet is an electronic version of the manual worksheet used to organized and manipulate numbers and displays...

  • Accounting Theory- Concepts, Assumptions And Conventions

    Accounting Theory- Concepts, Assumptions And Conventions

    6 years ago

    Accounting concepts are particular statement of accounting theory. They are also referred to as priciples or fundamental accounting postulates, they are rules adopted as guides to actions which rest on general...