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I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a good neighbor. My life is filled with wonder and adventure, challenges and hard work. Being able to have success and satisfaction in all the areas of my life is made possible by faith in God. I AM A VICTRESS IN ALL THINGS through Him who gives me strenghth.

I am enjoying the Hubpages community, the options that it gives me are exactly what I have been searching for: well designed and user-friendly site that is free and available to me for sharing my ideas and experiences, and researching the wealth of information that others present.

I am looking forward to have a substantial input in a continuing effort to make Hubpages one of the most reliable sources of information and a popular search site. After reading some outstanding hubs written by credible and skillfull writers, I believe it is possible!

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Some of my favorite quotes:

“Only in a world where faith is difficult can faith exist. Bible describes God as hidden God. You have to make an effort of faith to find him. There are clues you can follow. And if that weren’t so, if there were something more or less than clues, it’s difficult for me to understand how we could really be free to make a choice about him. If we had absolute proof instead of clues, then you could no more deny God than you could deny the sun. If we had no evidence at all, you could never get there. God gives us just enough evidence so that those who want him can find him.” (Lee Strobel, The Case For Faith)

Total success is the continuing involvement in the pursuit of a worthy ideal, which is being realized for the benefit of others – rather than at their expense. (Denis Waitley, 10 Seeds of Greatness)

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