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Hello everyone and welcome to my hub profile. My name is Victoria and I am always thinking of new ideas that are relevant to today. I am kind of a health fanactic and just love to take care of my body and eat healthy and organic produce. I am the person that you usually see in the grocery store looking at food labels. I am married to the most amazing guy and he truly is wonderful in everyway. I am blessed to call him my husband. I currently hold a position as a nurse and can truly say that my field is geriatrics. I enjoy helping those in need and sometimes get carried away at work. I believe in God and call myself a follower of Jesus Christ. Someday I would love to start a family and make this world a better place then it is.

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      • What was your favorite job and why?

        What was your favorite job and why?

        3 years ago

        I am trying to search for a new career choice and don't know which direction I should go. Any advice on jobs right now?

      • Verizon or AT&T for iPhone?

        Verizon or AT&T for iPhone?

        7 years ago

        I heard that Verizon will be selling iPhones soon because AT&T has bad coverage. I am so excited because I am contracted with Verizion and don't want to switch.Who is for Verizon and who is for AT&T and why.

      • Let play a game!

        Let play a game!

        7 years ago

        Ok everyone, here is a fun little game that I would like to start. Each person should give two words but the first word should be the same as the last word of the person previous there's. For example I would write...